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Chapter 1503 Mahjong

  • “I see.” Li Zhanming went up the stairs.
  • When he arrived at the door of the game room, he immediately could hear giggles coming from inside. This wasn’t surprising to him because every time he walked past the door, he heard the old ladies inside giggling. However, this time, it wasn’t the old ladies giggling; it was Madam Li’s laughter that he heard. Inside, Madam Li burst out in laughter—she was really happy.
  • Li Zhanming paused in his steps and he took a peek inside. He only saw a mahjong table with four people around it. On the table, Madam Li and two other old ladies were playing mahjong with... Lin Hurou.
  • Lin Hurou was also playing mahjong, placing a ‘six dots’.
  • “Don’t move!” Madam Li yelled. “I’m sorry, I’ve won!” She had won and pushed down her mahjong tiles. Then, she reached out and grabbed all of the gaming chips in front of the two old ladies. “Ha, ha. As the saying goes, ‘Luck usually runs out’. I’ve won again. Don’t mind if I do because all of your money is mine now.”
  • The gaming chips in front of her were piled up like a small hill. Looks like she can’t stop winning today. She is determined to win all of her previous losses back.
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