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Chapter 177 Lu Yuzhen Is a Shallow Man

  • Shuang Shuang was indeed a chubby girl, but she was cute. Because of that, everyone was nice to her.
  • She knew that Zhao Liying didn’t like her, but she never thought that Zhao Liying would loathe her so much; he even said that her chubby body was disgusting.
  • Shuang Shuang was a young girl after all. Therefore, her self-esteem was hurt badly and her eyes turned red swiftly.
  • “Zhao Liying, give my phone back to me!” Shuang Shuang wanted to get up, but Zhao Liying was too forceful when he pushed her onto the ground. Her knees were injured and thus bleeding.
  • Zhao Liying laughed. The sinister plans that he in his mind were all showing through his eyes. “I can’t return your phone now as I still need it. We’ll witness a good show tomorrow!”
  • With that, Zhao Liying entered his luxury car and sped off. True to his words, he really dropped Shuang Shuang off on the highway.
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