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Chapter 20 Send Him Your Swimsuit Photos

  • 10 years ago in Haicheng City, there was an urban legend about the duo of Micheng of the South and Yuan of the North. There was also talk about the golden couple, Xia Micheng and Su Ju.
  • That was how all the guests at present knew that Xia Micheng was once Su Ju fiancée. But then again, men would often change their partners as easily as flipping a page; their hearts change every so often. Since Xia Erxiang was now Su Ju's fiancée, the future lady of the Su Family, everyone quickly took sides with the Xia Family, saying that his past relationship didn’t matter, that it was time to move on.
  • Xia Micheng had finally just managed to turn the party banquet in her favor, then Su Ju came barging in out of nowhere. Even if some of the guests pitied her, they were obviously leaning toward Xia Erxiang’s side now.
  • With this, those three from the Xia Family were unbelievably smug at the outcome.
  • Xia Micheng kept her slender stature standing tall and proud, looking all pretty and attractive. Then, she curled up her red lips at the audience. “It’s pretty hilarious to see someone pick up a used item of mine and treasure it. Nonetheless, I wish you two a long lasting marriage, because you two are the perfect match for each other.”
  • After she said that, Xia Micheng walked out.
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