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Chapter 1178 He Was Out of His Mind

  • Lida couldn’t seem to take Shangguan Ruofu seriously.
  • At long last, Lu Yuzhen broke the tension. His lips were pursed before they parted as he prompted, “Aren’t you hungry? Let’s sit over there.”
  • “Oh, alright.” Shangguan Ruofu instantly put on a sweet smile.
  • They sat down at a table overlooking the view outside.
  • Seeing Shangguan Ruofu carrying herself in a boastful and flamboyant manner, Lida’s chest puffed in frustration and she stomped out of the restaurant.
  • Shangguan Ruofu’s face glowed in satisfaction as she saw Lida take her leave. She looked over at Xia Micheng and demanded, “Why are you so dim, my little servant? I’m still waiting for you to serve me!”
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