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Chapter 653 Adopting Xia Micheng to Be Her Granddaughter

  • Madam Li put on a smile. “Why? Am I not allowed to come here and offer my birthday congratulations to Mr. Xia?”
  • The crowd was stunned upon hearing that. The Old Mistress of the Li Family was here to wish Xia Gu a happy birthday!
  • Madam Li turned to Xia Gu and Lan Feng. “Mr. and Mrs. Xia, I’ve come here without an invitation card. I hope that you won’t mind it and won’t kick me out.”
  • Xia Gu and Lan Feng traded glances. They never expected that Madam Li would come. The Xia Family established itself in the underworld. Although Xia Gu was the gang leader, the wealthy families in Beijing would normally refrain from having any contact with them, which was also why Xia Micheng could never blend in with the young heiresses.
  • The Xia Family and the four most distinguished families in Beijing lived in parallel worlds and never bothered each other, so everyone was shocked to see Madam Li here.
  • Nevertheless, a guest was a guest. Xia Gu cupped his fist in another hand and said, “Welcome, Madam Li.”
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