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Chapter 723 Xia Micheng Had Stopped Breathing!

  • Lu Yuzhen returned to the party hall and was looking for Xia Micheng’s slender figure among the crowd. However, he could not find her anywhere even after looking for quite a while.
  • Where did Xia Micheng go?
  • Lu Yuzhen had a bad feeling about this; he immediately grabbed a waiter in the room and asked, “Where is Xia Micheng? Has anyone seen her?”
  • “Nope.” The waiter shook his head.
  • Lu Yuzhen let go of the waiter before he swept a glance around the party hall again. Some people were dancing, while others were talking and laughing in the hall; all of them were doing their own things, and no one noticed that Xia Micheng had gone missing.
  • Lu Yuzhen raised his leg and kicked a table. “Damn it! Shut up, everyone! Where is Xia Micheng? Are all of you blind for not noticing that she’s missing?”
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