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Chapter 557 He Seemed to Have Met Her Somewhere

  • “The champion of the annual competition is University A!”
  • Wow! The students from University A dashed out and surrounded the basketball players on the court. Everyone was cheering and shouting, their faces filled with excitement and joy. Students from other universities also stood up in the audience seats and gave a thundering applause to congratulate University A.
  • In no time, the judges announced the first to third place of the annual basketball competition, and the three leaders went up to the stage to receive their prizes. Wang Cong was given a bouquet of fresh flowers and the champion cup.
  • The emcee handed the microphone to Wang Cong. “Leader Wang, everyone knows that University A always came in second, but your team surprisingly broke the curse and won the competition. As for you, you went onto the court with an arm injury. What was the motivation behind you this year, if I may ask?”
  • Wang Cong raised the heavy champion cup in his hands and smiled. “That’s because University A has the best cheerleading squad this year. That’s why we wanted to become the champion. We want to tell everyone that University A is the best, and that our students are the best!”
  • The young man drenched in sweat had given a strong speech; his words were heard by everyone and touched their hearts. The audience could not help but applause again. The stadium erupted into a huge round of applause.
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