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Chapter 188 A New Life

  • “Zhao Liying, you have great talents, and that’s why you were able to be promoted to the position of a team leader within two years of employment.” Zhou Ping looked at Zhao Liying with extreme disappointment. “However, this major offence is intolerable, so I will be reporting this to the authorities. You will be stripped of your position as a team leader and be put under probation!”
  • Zhao Liying collapsed onto the floor, looking lifeless. He no longer held his position as the team leader; all his hard work and pride were now gone. He could not understand how it came to this when the initial plan was to take Xia Micheng down. This was so miserable!
  • “Xia Micheng, now that the commotion with Zhao Liying is out of the way, we will now tend to your matters.” Zhou Ping turned to leave. “Come to my office!”
  • Xia Micheng followed her, but stopped beside Xia Keke when she passed by the latter.
  • “Micheng.” Xia Keke gave an enticing smile. While she was frustrated at Zhao Liying’s failure, her ultimate goal was to banish Xia Micheng from the research center. “You should apologize to Director Zhou as you had an affair. Leave the center at your own accord, and don’t make a scene out of it.”
  • “Let us make a bet.” Xia Micheng returned the smile. She closed in on Xia Keke, lowered her voice and chuckled. “Do you believe when I say that I’ll be able to remain in the research center?”
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