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Chapter 1628 Don’t Give up on Him

  • However, Jin Hua came back empty handed. Ye Yuan picked up a metal hairpin and tied her hair up. “Jin Hua, what’s wrong? It seems that not only have you never managed to get the flowers, but you were also enraged by someone.”
  • Jin Hua took a seat on the chair and growled, “Yuan, who else could it be? It’s Chairman Gu’s new favorite, Chen Yuanyuan. When she saw that I wanted to take some roses, she snatched them from me.”
  • “Just snatch them back. Jin Hua, you’ve never lost before in snatching resources for me, have you?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.
  • Jin Hua walked over and poked her head. “It’s not the right time for jokes. Chen Yuanyuan said that she liked this kind of rose, and she was prepared to have a rose bath with Chairman Gu tonight. When the staff heard that, they gave all the flowers to her.” Jin Hua was furious when she thought about the fawning expression of those staff. After they gave all the flowers to Chen Yuanyuan, their expression seemed to suggest that they could get more for her. After that, Chen Yuanyuan left the place in a condescending manner.
  • Jin Hua had worked in showbiz for many years. She was assigned by Gu Longfan to be the designated agent for Ye Yuan when the latter debuted in showbiz. In all seriousness, she was a professional when it came to snatching. She had successfully snatched all kinds of resources and endorsement deals for Ye Yuan before. However, losing to the budding actress Chen Yuanyuan was a huge humiliation to her.
  • Chen Yuanyuan said that she wanted the roses to have a bath with Gu Longfan. That was a reason that was hard to be refuted. Jin Hua couldn’t say that she needed those roses to have a bath with Ye Yuan. Anyway, she was infuriated.
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