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Chapter 1276 A Lowly Subordinate

  • Xia Micheng pulled out a few pieces of tissues and used them to wipe his trousers. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Ye’s Adam’s apple flex twice, and a distinct outline appeared on his trousers. Instantly, her snow-white earlobes flushed faint red. She then raised her hand to throw the tissues on his face.
  • Without avoiding, he chuckled. “Why did you throw that at me?”
  • She curled up her red lips, her bright eyes gleaming. “I think I saw an old friend.”
  • “What old friend?”
  • “An old friend who has… a thick tool.”
  • Ye narrowed his pair of bottomless eyes, which were hidden under the cap, and he cast a cold and beguiling gaze. “Are you missing this old friend of yours?”
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