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Chapter 1072 Father and Son

  • Wow, such a soothing voice. Even though Yi was just three years old, she was an extreme admirer of good looks and voice. She raised her head and noticed that the man in front of her was as tall as an ancient tree. She had to try very hard to raise her head so that she could see the man’s face. Finally, she saw Lu Yuzhen’s handsome face. Wow, such a handsome mister. Yi always felt that her mommy was the most attractive person in the world, but this man was as equally attractive as her mommy. It turned out that Yi bumped into Lu Yuzhen’s leg.
  • Lu Yuzhen had just exited the airport lobby after parting with Lu Chikai, and now, a little sweetheart had knocked into him. When he lowered his dashing eyes to look at Yi, his pupils shrank immediately as he felt distracted because her beautiful tiny face looked exactly like Xia Micheng.
  • She wiped her tears before pouting her mouth as she spoke in a childish voice, “Mister, may I ask whether you’ve seen my brother?”
  • The girl’s skin was so pink and white that it seemed as though it could ooze ink. Her eyes were as bright as Xia Micheng’s. With just a look, she was able to charm everyone else. When Lu Yuzhen came back to his senses, he assumed that the little girl probably ran away from her family, so he lifted his eyes and looked around. Then, he shook his head. “I haven’t seen him.”
  • The moment Yi heard his words, tears spilled from her eyes and she burst out into tears. “Sob... I want my brother. I want my mommy...”
  • Seeing the tears on Yi’s face, Xia Micheng’s rain-like beauty came up in his mind. I wonder if she was this tender when she was young or whether she was this fond of crying. At this moment, his strong heart was incredibly soft. He walked up and squatted in front of the girl as he tried to sound more gentle. “What is your name?”
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