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Chapter 1482 The War Has Begun

  • The Princess of the Mermaid Clan paused for a moment before saying, “Xia Micheng, there are deep grudges between the Mermaid Clan and the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom. We, the Mermaid Clan, have not forgotten the humiliation we suffered. Hence, we appeared way earlier than any of you thought! We were the first ones to find Liu Yingluo! However, she was already set to become Mrs. Lu back then. With Lu Zhengzhe around, we didn’t even dare do anything to her. Hence, I became Shen Xiaolian, and after Lu Yuzhen was born, I had no intentions to keep him alive. I collaborated with Liu Zhaodi to assassinate him twice. Everything was all planned out. During both of the assassination attempts, we could have killed Lu Yuzhen, but he met the same person each time. That person was you, Xia Micheng!”
  • Lu Yuzhen knew that something was off during both of the assassination attempts. Hence, when Shen Xiaolian appeared, he kept her around to find out about the truth behind the assassinations.
  • At this moment, Xia Micheng had revealed the truth—everything was because of the Mermaid Clan.
  • However, as soon as he heard the Mermaid Clan’s Princess final sentence, the expression on his handsome face suddenly changed as he took a few steps toward her domineeringly. “What did you say just now? Say it again.”
  • The Princess laughed out loud. “Lu Yuzhen, didn’t Xia Micheng tell you?”
  • Lu Yuzhen pursed his thin lips. In fact, he had already thought of that, but he couldn’t bring himself to believe it, for it was simply absurd.
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