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Chapter 1599 Breaking a Religious Commandment

  • The words of his master were true. The two most difficult people to deal with were women and conniving jerks.
  • At that moment, Xuanyi saw an elongated business luxury car driving forward slowly. The car window was not rolled down, and he could not tell who was inside. However, he smiled and silently rejoiced at his good fortune. The debts of the wife should be repaid by the husband.
  • He immediately rushed up with the plan of faking an accident and the potential to execute it. A screeching noise was heard as the car braked abruptly. In the car, the driver yelled with an awful expression, “Old monk, do you not have eyes? Are you courting death?”
  • Xuanyi smiled and apoligzed, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I probably won’t die now though. I estimate that I could live another hundred years, but not more than that.”
  • As he spoke, he inched toward the back passenger window and knocked on it with his chubby hand, selling himself hard to the passenger, “Almsgiver, seeing that we are destined to meet, I offer to tell your fortune in love and marriage today.”
  • A silence ensued at the back passenger seat. No reply was heard and the window was not rolled down, giving off the mysterious impression of the man inside. Anyway, Xuanyi was not in a hurry, so he waited with a smile.
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