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Chapter 1409 I Can’t Get Pregnant

  • Liu Yingluo swallowed the pill and Xia Micheng left soon after. Liu Yingluo felt sleepy a short while later despite her confusion as the familiar feeling from her last two experiences overwhelmed her. She lay on the bed and quickly closed her eyes. However, there was something different this time—she was asleep, but she was conscious and alert. Cheng’s pill! What is Cheng trying to do?
  • Creak. There was a loud creak when the room door opened and someone entered the room. Liu Yingluo panicked and she did not dare to move anymore. Instead, she pretended to be sound asleep. She heard some steady footsteps before the bed dipped beside her. Someone climbed onto the bed as a pair of soft lips kissed her firmly. She had only been intimate with one man her entire life and he was Lu Zhengzhe. She had been with him ever since she was 19-years-old. Hence, he had marked her forever and she knew that he was here without even opening her eyes. Nevertheless, why is he in my room?
  • She did not have time to consider the possibilities because his thin lips pressed against hers. Soon, he was kissing her forcefully whereas his scent and presence overwhelmed her. Everything feels exactly like... the previous two dreams I had. Could it be… Liu Yingluo immediately considered a possibility. But that doesn’t make sense. I felt unwell after waking up the last two times. I have my suspicions, but I saw him seeing a doctor with my own eyes. Besides, he has mentioned before that his body can’t take it as he can no longer...
  • She felt confused and at that point, Lu Zhengzhe moved away from her lips. He landed kisses down her neck before his large hand with a luxurious watch around his wrist fondled her underneath her clothes...
  • She clenched her fists as she blushed deeply. I was in a dream the last two times and I’ve never felt anything so vividly as what I’m experiencing right now. I can clearly feel his large palm roaming across my body. It’s not until now that I finally understand that those weren’t dreams as they... are real. He must have drugged me to knock me unconscious. After that, he entered my room when I was deep asleep and he took advantage of me just like how he is doing it right now. But I’m confused. Does that mean that his body... has fully recovered?
  • “Why aren’t you obedient when I ask you to stay over the night?” Lu Zhengzhe’s deep and husky voice whispered in her ears. “The medication that you took has no side effects on your body, but you can’t take any more medication in your current state anymore.” His hands moved downward and he paused on her belly, caressing it gently in circles. “I’m not sure what I should do with you and the child. I’m sorry, I never thought you’d get pregnant. I just wanted to... love and cherish you...”
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