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Chapter 386 Lu Xinang Reached Out and Embraced Her

  • However, he had only taken two steps when little hands wrapped around him from behind. Xia Micheng's soft body pressed against him, her arms wrapped around his midsection. "Mr. Lu, let me hug you for a bit. I'm so cold."
  • Her voice was soft and delicate, weakness and fragility peeking through her tone, as well as her reliance on him—no, on Lu Yuzhen.
  • Lu Xinang felt her icy body. The chill of her body was the most direct warning as her precious blood bled out. He peeled her hands off himself. "Xia Micheng, you've got the wrong person. I'm not your Mr. Lu."
  • Xia Micheng couldn't hear anything right now. Her mind was still spinning and the dizziness made her feel as though she would keel over the next second. She tightened her embrace on him so that she wouldn't fall. "Mr. Lu, are you still angry with me? Please don't be angry anymore. Let's make up, okay? I'm so cold now. I want a hug~"
  • She said the last four words in a cute, pouting manner. Lu Xinang's tall body stiffened and he froze midway through his attempt to peel her off him. "Xia Micheng, do you... love Lu Yuzhen this much? You are willing to throw away your life just to save him."
  • As he spoke, Lu Xinang's gaze fell upon the sheet of paper that she had been writing on. Astoundment flashed across his eyes. She had actually realized those few equations.
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