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Chapter 638 We Don’t Want Him

  • Back then, her Mr. Lu was far from perfect. He suffered from insomnia and mental health issues. Not only that, he was paranoid and jealous. Every time he saw her with other guys, he would throw tantrums. However, he loved her very much.
  • He had a car accident when he became ill and collapsed in a pool of blood. He took out his phone and called her, saying, “Micheng, I’m in pain. Let’s go home.”
  • When he was at the lowest point of his illness, he started to lose sleep and followed her around like a perverted stalker. He would even peek at her from dark corners. He knew that he was sick so he willingly let go of her no matter how painful it was.
  • The final days they spent together was in that little mountain village. He climbed up a tree to steal three eggs from the nest as a gift to her. He also pulled out a gun. Even though everyone warned her that he might hurt her when his symptoms surfaced, he did not hurt her in any way. Instead, he pointed the gun at his temple and begged her not to leave.
  • He loved her to the bones.
  • The thought of that made Xia Micheng’s tears stream down her face. Last year at her twentieth birthday, she made a wish that on the same day next year, Mr. Lu would still be by her side. Now, she knew that the wish would never come true.
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