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Chapter 1663 Welcoming a Very Important Guest

  • “Mommy, we are already rich now since we have rebranded Lanlou. Moreover, you have a very rich son-in-law, so you don’t have to make money anymore,” Xia Micheng teased.
  • Right then, Lin Hurou just got off the plane and her lips curled up when she heard Xia Micheng. Lin Hurou sighed in relief. All of her children had finally grown up.
  • Lin Hurou had gotten many jobs just to raise these children. She had opened a school, built a hospital, a wushu hall… Lin Hurou was a legendary person among the fields.
  • All these years, she had been working hard as a worker, trying her best to make more money.
  • Even though Lin Hurou was already rich now, she got too used to the security that money gave her.
  • “I know, Cheng. I’m almost reaching now, talk to you when I see you.” Lin Hurou hung up cheerfully as she rushed over to her daughter’s wedding ceremony.
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