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Chapter 563 A Good Show

  • "Micheng, I really thought that you have died; that you have given up your life in exchange for the resurrection of Lu Yuzhen. I really thought that you were dead. In the past three months, I was looking for you like crazy but you seemed to have evaporated from the world. I couldn't find you no matter how hard I tried."
  • "Every day, I was thinking to myself that I must find you as soon as possible. If I could find you, it's possible that you could be saved; I would make sure that you are. I will save your life like how you saved Lu Yuzhen. Micheng, I have never envied a person as much as I do with Lu Yuzhen. You made me envy him that much!" Lu Xinang hugged her tightly. His cold dark eyes reddened as he rested his handsome face against her long hair and muttered.
  • Xia Micheng felt his arms tightened around her. Even his arms were trembling slightly, showing how afraid he was—afraid that she would disappear again.
  • A warm feeling arose in Xia Micheng's heart. She was of course overjoyed to reunite with an old friend. To her, Lu Xinang had always been the self-important son of the heavens. In the three months of her disappearance, she did not expect that he would be looking for her. She felt touched that he would go to great lengths for her.
  • "Lu Xinang, I'm fine. I'm doing well now." Xia Micheng raised her hand and patted his back assuredly.
  • At that moment, a Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped at the roadside—Lu Yuzhen was here. Since he was tossing and turning in the bed, he had decided to drive to the bar in search of Xia Micheng.
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