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Chapter 1528 Gu Longfan Is Back

  • “The popular celebrity, Ye Yuan, is so impressive! What was she thinking?! Gu Xian is her adoptive father. Even those evening soap operas wouldn’t depict such heinous storylines.”
  • “Well, why is it so surprising? Ye Yuan is a stunning beauty. Not only is she entangled with Gu Xian, everyone also knows that Chairman Gu spoils her to no end! She basically has the Gu Family’s father and son wrapped around her finger.”
  • “Ye Yuan, I’m begging you. Can you please let my Chairman Gu go? You are defiling my crush.”
  • Ye Yuan closed her eyes, and her eyelashes fluttered downward. She forced herself to walk away from the chaotic noise in her head. “Jin Hua, I’m exhausted. Let’s discuss this tomorrow. I’ll go ahead and shower first.”
  • After that Ye Yuan walked into the bathroom.
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