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Chapter 1099 Hiding In Between His Legs

  • The old maidservant lay on the floor and began weeping. Once again, the door opened and two guards in black walked in before and started dragging the old maidservant out of the room. "The king's done with the assembly. We're now bringing you to him to be interrogated.”
  • Very quickly, the old maidservant was placed before Shangguan Zhou, who had just gotten out of the assembly; he was still worried about how they would capture the father-daughter duo—Wang Li and Wang Rong. Sitting in his seat high up, he looked down at the old maidservant and asked in a callous voice, "Please tell us your relationship with Wang Li, and his whereabouts at the moment."
  • Fearful of even looking at Shangguan Zhou, the old maidservant was shivering. Shangguan Zhou squinted and walked up to her. He inquired suspiciously, "Why do you… look somewhat familiar? Did you come and see me before?"
  • The old maidservant was terrified and her bone-dry hands were firmly pressing the ground. She immediately lowered her head and shook it at a slow pace. “I… don’t know you—cough!” All of a sudden, blood came out of her mouth, and some of it got on Shangguan Zhou's feet. He instantly gave her a strong kick at her heart. "You old b*tch, how dare you dirty my shoes!"
  • A servant quickly went up to him with a clean handkerchief and got down on his knees to wipe the blood off Shangguan Zhou's shoes.
  • "King Shangguan, this old lady's breath is gone; she's dead."
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