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Chapter 1331 Lecher!

  • For the sake of his long-term plan, Lu Zhengzhe immediately loosened his grip and pushed her away. “Aren’t you going to treat my wound? Make it fast.”
  • Liu Yingluo stood up, wondering how she had offended him again because he seemed to be angry.
  • She opened the small first aid kit and used a disinfecting cotton bud to clean the wound on his forehead. “Is it painful?” she asked softly.
  • At that moment, Lu Zhengzhe was sitting whereas she was standing while bending over to meticulously treat his wound. Lu Zhengzhe felt that her posture… Coincidentally, her full breasts were right in front of him.
  • Her curvy body was accentuated by her cheongsam, making her look even more attractive than when she was younger.
  • Noticing that he didn’t speak, Liu Yingluo stopped her actions. “What’s wrong—”
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