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Chapter 641 Yuzhen, I Want a Kiss

  • Some of Li Yuntong's classmates were engaged. Technically, engagement was different from a marriage and the engaged couple would stay at their respective family homes.
  • However, times had changed and the society was more liberal. To the young people, an engagement was the same as getting a room card. Most young couples would start to cohabitate.
  • Li Yuntong had no clue about Lu Yuzhen's plan. She was only asking tentatively but her expectation was heightened for tonight.
  • Before their engagement, Lu Yuzhen had told her that he didn't really love her. But that didn't mean anything to her. Now, she owned him; he was hers!
  • Lu Yuzhen did not move his gaze from the road ahead. He rested his wrist with a branded watch on the steering wheel. Accelerating, turning, changing lanes; his movements were smooth like flowing clouds and running water. He pursed his thin lips and answered, "I'm going to send you home now."
  • Send me home? The expectation of Li Yuntong was crushed like she was drenched by a bucket of cold water. Did he not even plan to have intimacy with her? That was very humiliating for a girl at her age.
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