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Chapter 1513 A Present

  • Only then was Li Zhanming aware that he had been fooled. She was a doctor and had her means to prevent a pregnancy. Her request of asking him to go out to buy her morning-after pill was merely her way to send him away so that she could take the chance to escape with the hidden martial arts scroll. This woman! He was quite enraged. At that moment, he noticed some words at the bottom of the paper. When he looked at it, she wrote, ‘Chairman Li, are you mad now? Don’t be angry. I have a present for you.’
  • She left me a present? This woman at least still has some conscience. His deeply furrowed brows were smoothened a little. He continued reading, wanting to see what present she left for him. He soon saw the present. She wrote a few large words, ‘Notopterygium Root. It specializes in curing weak kidneys that lead to premature ejaculation!’
  • She said, Notopterygium Root. It specializes in curing weak kidneys that lead to premature ejaculation! Li Zhanming’s handsome face instantly turned into the color of charcoal. Lin Hurou, I feel like strangling you to death!
  • ...
  • Xia Micheng had yet to leave Beijing as she was worried for Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan had finished all of her work today, so she had afternoon tea together with Xia Micheng.
  • In the café, the two best friends sat near the window. Today, Ye Yuan wore a hot pink cashmere sweater—it was loose and accentuated her soft, gleaming shoulders. Underneath her sweater was a black skinny pants, in which the hems were folded up twice, revealing her exquisite ankles. Her long wavy hair was lazily put down over her shoulders and her palm-sized little face looked like a blooming red rose. Her beauty was powerful yet charming.
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