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Chapter 1246 Apologize

  • Blood! Ah! Tang started to bawl in horror. It was just after school, so it happened that Tang’s mother was there to pick her up. Tang’s mother rushed over when she heard Tang’s cries of distress.
  • “My baby Tang, what happened to you? Ah! Why are you bleeding?” Tang’s mother held her in her arms while asking in a panic.
  • “Mommy, Yi hit me!” Tang blamed Yi instead.
  • Tang’s mommy glanced at Yi. Yi’s beautiful face is prettier than my daughter’s. She is already so pretty as a child. I can’t even imagine how breathtaking she would be when she grows up. She would most probably seduce countless men. Tang’s mother suddenly recalled that her husband had a crush on Yi’s mother, which led her to be suddenly blinded by rage. “Yi, why did you hit my daughter?”
  • Compared to Tang’s embarrassing state, Yi was relatively calm—she was quick-witted and did not let Tang hurt her. “Madam, Tang was the one who started the fight. I did not hit her forehead. She was the one who slipped and fell.”
  • “Nonsense! You pushed me and that is why I hit my forehead!” Tang lied through her teeth.
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