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Chapter 1320 Utter Defeat

  • After waiting for a moment, Shen Xiaolian raised her hands silently to wipe the tears off before continuing, “A few days ago, Chairman Lu bumped into me, and he brought me back here, and I stayed for a night. When I was about to leave the next day, he gave me his phone number and told me that I could reach out to him if I was in trouble. After I went back, I met Wu Hao, who brought me to Holiday Villa immediately after seeing that I was gone for a night, and he started hitting me again. Feeling scared and anxious, I called Chairman Lu, and he saved me. You know the rest of the story here, Miss Xia, so please don’t misunderstand. Don’t fight with Chairman Lu because of me.”
  • Shen Xiaolian ended her story on a perfect note. On top of that, she even looked at Xia Micheng pleadingly.
  • After Xia Micheng heard the entire story, she tilted her head. “You’re done? If you are done, I have a few questions that I would like to ask.”
  • Shen Xiaolian didn’t expect that Xia Micheng would suddenly ask her questions, but she nodded. “Sure, Miss Xia. Fire away.”
  • “Miss Shen, apart from Mr. Lu’s number, do you know another number called 911?”
  • Pfft!”
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