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Chapter 32 I Think You Really Need to be Taught a Lesson

  • Xia Micheng raised her head and saw Lu Yuzhen. He had not left yet.
  • At the door, Gu Longfan and Huo Zhixun were standing side by side.
  • With a bright smile on his face, Huo Zhixun greeted Xia Micheng by saying, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Lu.”
  • Upon hearing the word ‘Mrs. Lu’, Xia Micheng could only force out an awkward smile.
  • Meanwhile, Mr. Fu the butler had arrived and he had a vacuum flask with him. “Young Mistress, Young Master Lu has ordered us to prepare millet porridge and some light side dishes for you. Please have them while they’re still warm. You must stay healthy in order to take care of Auntie Lin.”
  • Although Xia Micheng had indeed skipped dinner, she still did not expect Lu Yuzhen to be so considerate by ordering someone to cook millet porridge for her.
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