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Chapter 1502 I Am the Adopted One!

  • Li Zhanming remained silent. Instead, he grabbed her hand and slowly pulled it over to him. Lin Hurou immediately knew what he tried to do. “Li Zhanming, you have your own hands!”
  • He stared at her with his bloodshot eyes. His eyes were now as terrifying as a beast staring at its delicious food. “Stop talking!”
  • “Go away. Li Zhanming, don’t press me—”
  • His eyes darkened as he stretched his huge palm to grab her tiny jaw. Then, he leaned over and kissed her. The sudden kiss had shocked Lin Hurou for a moment. His kiss was so intense that it instantly took away her breath. She reasonably suspected that he hadn’t touched a woman for a long time because he had a physical reaction when he saw her. He couldn’t even restrain himself from kissing her. Soon after, he knocked her teeth. Lin Hurou immediately gritted her teeth. No.
  • Li Zhanming ordered her in a hoarse voice, “Open your mouth!”
  • Urgh! She shook her head to show her resistance. He stared at her before closing her eyes. Then, he pulled her hand down his body…
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