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Chapter 853 What’s Actually in That Mind of His

  • Lu Yuzhen stood upstairs as he gazed at Xia Micheng. For a moment, he was reluctant to move his eyes away from her. Xia Micheng was in the living room teaching Madam Lu a few simple exercises before Xia Micheng held a small ball and blinked. “Grandma, it’s really interesting to exercise with a ball. Let me teach you.”
  • After that, Xia Micheng threw the ball upward and raised her chest. The ball then fell and slid down along the curves of her well-developed body before she gave it a kick. When the ball was in the air, she turned around her body and used her pretty hip to push it forward. In the end, the ball flew right into Madam Lu’s arms.
  • Madam Lu caught the ball and happily laughed. “This is so interesting. Mrs. Wu, come here. Let’s do it together.”
  • As Lu Yuzhen was watching Xia Micheng, he knew that she had mastered her dancing skills. Now, there weren't any dance moves that she couldn’t handle. When she was the campus belle in University T and leading the cheerleading team, everyone screamed and went crazy for her. At that moment in time, he also stood there gazing at her beautiful looks as one of her most loyal admirers too. Now, she had simply done a few moves to teach Grandma some exercises, but he still felt her vitality and charm radiating on him. As Lu Yuzhen’s eyes fell on Xia Micheng’s exquisite and nimble body, he realized that he had seen a lot of women wearing the same hip skirt as her, but she was definitely the best looking one. There was no argument about that.
  • Then, Madam Lu found him standing upstairs. “Zhen, are you awake now?”
  • Xia Micheng lifted her eyes and immediately saw that Lu Yuzhen was standing upstairs in his handmade black suit today. There weren’t any wrinkles on the suit’s expensive cloth after it was ironed out, which made him look dashing and noble. He spread his slim legs as he walked down the carpeted staircase, giving off the aura of a condescending posture filled with an unspeakable sense of indifference and alienation to those who were below him.
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