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Chapter 1014 Shutting Her Inside

  • Just as Xia Micheng raised her head, she saw Lu Yuzhen’s strong and tall figure exiting the bathroom, surrounded by a fresh fragrance right after showing. His hair was still wet, and he had a white robe around him. The strap around his waist was slightly loose, revealing a small part of his well-built chest, making him look more young and handsome.
  • “Chairman Lu, you are finally done!” Shan ran over to him and leaned onto him, as if she was boneless.
  • Xia Micheng looked at Lu Yuzhen directly. “Chairman Lu, the favor is done now.”
  • Lu Yuzhen ruffled his short, wet hair with a towel casually before looking at the two boxes of condoms on the bed. His narrowed eyes immediately raised when he saw that. “Miss Xia, how did you know about my size, that I use the largest size?”
  • Xia Micheng was at a loss for words. What does he mean? Is he showing off here?
  • Shan looked at Xia Micheng in animosity. “Chairman Lu, I feel so unsafe when I’m with you. Look at all these b*tches around you who likes to look at you. They even know… your size. Tst-tsk! People nowadays are really shameless! They are even capable of seducing men with two boxes of condoms!”
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