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Chapter 256 Fetching Mrs Lu

  • Lu Feifei and Lu Xinang sat on the sofa. Lu Feifei smiled and said, “Mom, Yuzhen, actually, I came to Haicheng City this time because of Xinang. He is old enough to get married now. But he’s too proud to like any girls around him. So, his mother is rather worried about that. I met a young girl who’s a genius in the medical field. I’ll introduce the genius young girl to Xinang at the gathering two days later. I think they are perfect match for each other!”
  • Madam Lu took away the engagement token between Lu Xinang and Xia Micheng. By doing that, she orchestrated a perfect plan to substitute Lu Xinang’s bride and married Xia Micheng to Lu Yuzhen, her preferred grandson. She thought she could no longer keep her plan a secret.
  • Now that she realized Lu Xinang was going to the gathering to meet a girl, Madam Lu was delighted. She exclaimed happily, “That’s great! Feifei, you always have a high expectation for Xinang’s future bride. The girl you mentioned must be really talented. That young girl who’s a genius in the medical field must be a suitable bride for Xinang!”
  • “Mom, the genius young girl is very talented indeed. She is an astounding girl destined for great success in her life. She was sent to the most prestigious medical school in Beijing by her nanny when she was thirteen years old. She got a Double Master’s Degree in Medicine when she was fifteen, which broke the record of the entire medical world. I went to offer her to study at the Holy Dawn Academy the year she graduated. But, she rejected, saying the academy is too far from her home. She is a very energetic and intelligent girl. Mom, I’m sure you’ll be impressed by her extraordinary talent and will like her very much when you meet her.”
  • Listening to Lu Feifei’s description, Madam Lu could not help but praise the young girl. “I’m indeed impressed by her talent just by hearing it from you. I think she and Xinang are a perfect match for one another. I won’t be going to the gathering though. Yuzhen, you shall go on behalf of me and take a good look at the girl; see what kind of a wondrous person she is.”
  • In fact, Madam Lu couldn’t care less about what kind of a brilliant person the girl was as long as nobody would snatch her beloved granddaughter-in-law, Xia Micheng, away from her.
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