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Chapter 789 Li Zhanming’s Return

  • News of Madam Li’s unconsciousness soon spread, and a crowd of reporters came charging over with cameras in tow. This time, Ye Zi accepted the interview. She was weeping as she spoke in a desolate tone. “Madam Li has always been a robust and healthy lady. Recently, so much has happened to Yuntong. I’m afraid that Madam Li wouldn’t be able to take it due to her age, so I never dared to speak a word of it to her. However, I don’t know who let it slip to her. Madam Li heard that Yuntong was sent to the hospital because of her suicide attempt, and she got so worked up that she had a heart attack and fainted. Now, the doctors are saying that her prospects are dim. They don’t know when she’ll wake up either.”
  • Ye Zi blamed everything that happened to Madam Li on Xia Micheng. Now, Xia Micheng’s list of crimes grew even longer. Everyone was furious.
  • “This Xia Micheng truly is a wretched person. She drove Miss Yuntong to suicide, and now Madam Li is in hospital due to her worry for her granddaughter.”
  • “I think that Xia Micheng is going to cause the end of the Li Family and Ye Family.”
  • “Xia Micheng is far too evil!”
  • After the interview ended, Ye Zi stayed in the ICU. The room was very quiet. Madam Li was still unconscious, and the ECG machine beside her did not paint an optimistic outlook for her.
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