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Chapter 1218 She Is a Vixen

  • How is he so thick-skinned to have the nerve to do such a thing? He is a pervert!
  • Li Zhanming raised his dashing, straight brows. “Peeing is my matter, but if you let me urinate on you, that’s your own matter.”
  • What the heck? He is a beast in a man’s clothing! Why haven’t I known that he is so evil before? Lin Hurou was at a loss for words as she was dumbfounded by his bold words.
  • “Fasten my belt for me!” At this instant, he removed the cigarette in between his lips and curtly cast a glance at her before strongly commanding her.
  • Lowering her eyes, she saw that he had unfastened his leather belt. This flasher! She quickly jumped out from the trash can. “You have hands, so you fasten it yourself. I’m going out!” She then turned around to leave.
  • However, just when she lifted her foot, a large, well-defined palm immediately gripped on her fair wrist, and with a tug, she fell on his broad, cold and hard chest. The man clutched her soft, little hand and placed it on the belt around his waist. “Fasten it for me now!”
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