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Chapter 730 The Sequence of Events

  • “Dad, I want Mengxiao to make his move and deal with Xia Micheng,” said Ye Zi as she informed Old Master Ye of her purpose bluntly.
  • Old Master Ye, who was on the other end of the line, deepened his breath in displeasure. “Zi, I’ve told you a long time ago that Mengxiao shall not meddle in trivial, lady affairs.”
  • “It’s too late, Dad. I did something to Xia Micheng that almost killed her at the birthday banquet today. Madam Li is already looking into this matter, and she’ll soon be able to trace everything back to me; I have no place to stay in the Li Family anymore.”
  • “What? Ye Zi, why did you act so foolishly? Have you forgotten what I told you? You should know your place in the Li Family. Try to please your mother-in-law, and then find the opportunity to rekindle your relationship with Master Li…”
  • “Dad,” Ye Zi interrupted Old Master Ye. She said, “It’s useless. Li Zhanming’s biological daughter has turned up, and she is none other than Xia Micheng!”
  • Old Master Ye, who was in his study at the Ye Residence right then, froze immediately upon hearing Ye Zi’s words. Not only was he aware about everything Ye Zi did back then, but he had also lent her a hand. There was only one thing that he did not tell Ye Zi—the mysterious woman who entered Li Zhanming’s room back then was Lin Hurou!
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