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Chapter 351 Kiss Me, Micheng

  • Lu Yuzhen was taking a cold shower when he heard someone knocking on the frosted glass door.
  • Knock, knock, knock!
  • Lu Yuzhen paused for a moment. Then, he reached his hand out and slid the glass door open. A woman’s slender silhouette stood outside; Xia Micheng was here.
  • “Why are you out of bed? Don’t you want to sleep?” asked Lu Yuzhen straightforwardly. His hoarse voice was loud; his narrow eyes, which had reddened, were fixed on Xia Micheng.
  • Xia Micheng did not know where to look. Fuming, she let out a snort. “You woke me up. How am I supposed to fall asleep now?”
  • Grabbing onto her slim wrist, Lu Yuzhen pulled her into the bathroom and pinched her nose lovingly. “You’re the guilty one, yet you’re complaining about me. Who was the one who made it hard for me to fall asleep?”
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