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Chapter 816 His Heartbeat Stopped

  • Lu Zhengzhe had silently agreed to the Lu family and the Ye family becoming enemies since Ye Mengxiao had been exposed and verified to be the one who had poisoned Lu Xinang. All this while, the relationship between the Four Great Families of Beijing had been peaceful, each family staying out of the business of the other, but the equilibrium had been disrupted. For the sake of his son, Lu Xinang, Lu Zhengzhe was ready to go all out against the Ye family.
  • Old Master Ye roughly knew why Xia Micheng had invited Lu Zhengzhe and Liu Zhoudi over; it was because the two families falling out with each other was exactly what she wanted to achieve. He was really impressed by how meticulous and detailed her plan was.
  • Then, Xia Micheng approached Lu Xinang with both of her hands wearing white gloves. Tao handed her a gold needle and told her, “Professor Xia, this is a very dangerous and risky surgery because the Gu poison has already invaded Fellow Lu’s internal organs and diffused into his blood. Once the gold needle opens up his blood vessels, the Gu poison will invade Fellow Lu’s heart in a second, and if his heart is infected, he will die instantaneously.”
  • Hearing how dangerous the surgery was, everyone glued their eyes on Xia Micheng at once.
  • At that juncture, Ye Mengxiao said, “Xia Micheng, I suggest you reconsider because once that needle pierces his skin, there will be no turning back. Lu Xinang’s life is in your hands.”
  • Without looking at Ye Mengxiao, Xia Micheng took the gold needle from Tao and started the surgery. As soon as the gold needle was poked into one of the acupoints on Lu Xinang’s body, a piercing alarm blared immediately from the monitor beside him which displayed his heart rate. Lu Xinang’s heart had stopped beating!
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