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Chapter 395 Leaving Haicheng City to Go to Beijing

  • Xia Micheng’s bright eyes flickered with joy as she said softly, “I’m sorry for abusing your kindness this time, Madam Li.”
  • Madam Li understood what Xia Micheng meant; she could also tell from Xia Micheng’s expression that her fairy was already married and deeply in love with her husband.
  • It’s over; I’m too late!
  • Then, Madam Li said fondly with a smile, “Since you don’t want the promise of marriage, you can make a request, fairy; I will grant you whatever you want.”
  • Xia Micheng got up as she said, “Like I’ve said before, Madam Li—these are just my duties. Please take good care of your health. I’ll be leaving now, and I’ll come visit you again when I have the time.”
  • With that, Xia Micheng turned to leave.
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