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Chapter 431 You'll Become Mrs Lu Soon

  • Ye Yuan took Xia Micheng with her, and they sped away in a Ferrari.
  • Lu Yuzhen was left standing and staring at the direction they left in. He knew that Ye Yuan felt vengeful toward him from her cursing just now. Nevertheless, a bestie like her would accompany Xia Micheng for the time being. With her help, Xia Micheng might not be as sad and could get over the divorce soon.
  • Argh!” Lu Yuzhen suddenly moaned as cold sweat covered his forehead.
  • “Chairman, let’s get back to the hospital quickly. You have to rest for the wound to heal. This injury is so serious that Madam Lu has hired a professional medical team to treat it.” His private secretary Yan Yi ran over swiftly.
  • As the wound was on his manhood, Madam Lu was extremely worried about his recovery and had called over a team for his treatment. The doctor initially disagreed to let him out today, but Lu Yuzhen had insisted to do so.
  • “Don’t tell Xia Micheng about my injury. I don’t want anyone revealing anything in front of her. Secretary Yan, are you clear?” Lu Yuzhen’s razor-sharp gaze swept past Yan Yi’s face.
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