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Chapter 713 Who Is the Princess? Who Is the Pauper?

  • Everyone at the party was thoroughly taken aback now. As they had already been astonished when Xia Micheng showed up in the genuine starry dress, they could hardly believe their ears upon hearing Madam Li addressing herself as ‘Grandma’.
  • Now that Xia Micheng was giving Madam Li a pair of cat-eared earmuffs as her birthday gift, everyone was enraged because her gift seemed too shabby and insincere.
  • The pile of gifts beside Madam Li were all priceless items such as pearls and agate stones. However, with her current status, Madam Li did not even spare a glance at those gems as she had been used to them. How dared Xia Micheng show up with only a pair of cat-eared earmuffs?
  • Everyone turned their gazes to Madam Li at this moment. Madam Li, just take the cat-eared earmuffs and throw it away in full force! Xia Micheng needs to know what reality looks like! they thought to themselves.
  • Madam Li looked at the cat-eared earmuffs and quickly took it. There was a glint of delight in everyone’s eyes when they saw this. Yeap, that’s it. Good job!
  • However, Madam Li put the cat-eared earmuffs on her head the next second. With a huge smile on her face, she even spun around to show the earmuffs to the crowd like the earmuffs were a piece of treasure to her. “Micheng’s handmade cat-eared earmuffs are so warm. Come and take a look! They’re pretty, aren’t they?”
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