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Chapter 1223 My Villa

  • Now, any trace of the incidents that happened back then could not be found in her pure eyes as time had made her calmer and gentler. Looking at her, Lu Zhengzhe’s handsome, chiseled face was impassive as he parted his thin lips. “You’re not dead yet? I thought you died long ago.”
  • Mr. Ye, who was beside them, was speechless and looked at his employer in surprise. Sir has been looking for Madam Yingluo for so many years, so why is he greeting her by saying ‘you’re not dead yet’ when he meets her?
  • Liu Yingluo breathed a sigh of relief. I would rather have him behave coldly like this and treat me as a stranger. For many years, she had tried not to think about the past and was unwilling to cross paths with him again. Nevertheless, they had a son, Zhen. “I was lucky enough to escape death. Sorry to have disappointed you, Mr. Lu.”
  • “Since you are still alive, why didn’t you come back?” His eyes were dark—so dark that there was not even a shred of light and deep to the point where they aroused fear in anyone.
  • What does he mean? Liu Yingluo looked at him.
  • “After all, you are still Zhen’s mother. He has been missing you all these years.” His tone was casual, as if he tried to explain why he asked her the previous question.
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