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Chapter 1440 Don’t Let Her Escape

  • A deep and husky voice suddenly spoke at that moment, “You don’t have to worry because your parents are at the police station now.”
  • Shen Xiaolian looked up and she saw Lu Yuzhen walking over. Xia Micheng was also here—Lu Yuzhen tightly held onto her hand in his.
  • Shen Xiaolian immediately wore her usual pitiful look. “Chairman Lu, I... I was only worried about my parents earlier...”
  • Lu Yuzhen walked over to her while holding onto Xia Micheng’s hand. He regarded Shen Xiaolian indifferently. “Your parents spent lavishly, so they are just paying for what they have done. You can’t save them and it’s best that you pack and follow me. We are leaving now.”
  • “Leaving?” Shen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat. “Chairman Lu, where are we going?”
  • “Lian, didn’t you save Mr. Lu in the snowy area when you were a child? I spoke to Mr. Lu about this and he is taking me there with you. We are revisiting the old place so that you can tell us what happened all those years ago,” Xia Micheng answered her with a crisp and clear voice.
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