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Chapter 897 The Last to Know

  • Xia Micheng froze when she heard that. In fact, she already thought of the numerous possibilities of what could have happened. However, what she never expected was Lu Yuzhen marrying Li Yuntong tonight.
  • “Micheng, the Internet is full of reports about this famous marriage between the Lu and the Li Families. Many elite families would attend tonight’s wedding ceremony and this news has shocked the entire Beijing. Lu Yuzhen’s father, Lu Zhengzhe, and Li Yuntong’s father, Li Zhanming, would even appear at the wedding ceremony together. This is definitely a gathering of all of the big shots from the upper-class society.”
  • “Hello? Micheng, are you there? What is going on with you and Mr. Lu? Why is he suddenly marrying Li Yuntong? Hello? Micheng, are you there?”
  • Xia Micheng had already hung up.
  • She sat on the sofa with a blank expression in her eyes, looking dazed. A few minutes later, she rose to her full height. Madam Lu and Mrs. Wu were still asleep upstairs and they would be for a while as she had already injected a sleeping serum into them.
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