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Chapter 1705 Xia Micheng Invited You to the Wedding

  • Hearing that, Xia Micheng was stunned, and her lashes fluttered as she stared at her dad. “Daddy, are you referring to Mommy’s indenture to the Deng Family?”
  • Li Zhanming nodded. “Yes. However, that does not matter to me anymore.”
  • Xia Micheng knew that her dad must have some misunderstanding. Not only that, he had a grave misunderstanding. She stood with her hands to her back and looked to the dazzling and starry night sky, her lips curling slowly into a smile.
  • ...
  • Halfway through the wedding, Deng Xiang and his sweetheart were invited over. Initially, he didn’t want to attend because he was afraid of meeting Lin Hurou, who would chase him after his debt. However, it happened that he and his sweetheart were traveling in the area when a few shiny business limousines came to a stop around them before a group of strong bodyguards rushed toward them. “President Deng, our Chairman Lu invited you to attend his in-laws’ wedding!”
  • Lu Yuzhen had sent his men to invite him to the wedding. What wedding was that? Li Zhanming and Lin Hurou’s wedding? Since Li Zhanming had bought Lin Hurou’s indenture from him, he felt that something was off, but he did not expect to see them getting married in such a short time. Lin Hurou had now leaped to the status of a top billionaire’s wife.
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