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Chapter 1553 Officially Rescinding Our Alliance

  • “What was she right about?”
  • “She said that if the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom and Huaxi Province are both wiped out at the same time, the Mermaid Clan would be the only one left to rule the world.”
  • The Princess’ expression changed drastically. Xia Micheng actually said that? Shangguan Zhou is already a suspicious person. She is targeting his psychological state.
  • Her words had already started the flames inside Shangguan Zhou’s heart, and it would only grow furiously in the future.
  • “King Shangguan… what are you planning to do now?”
  • “Currently, between Huaxi Province, the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom, and the Mermaid Clan, we Huaxi Province have the strongest force. I will now officially rescind our alliance. On one hand, I can put out a search for Xia Micheng; on the other hand, I will have you imprisoned. Just like that, the two princesses of the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom and the Mermaid Clan will be under my control. Hahaha.” He felt that his cleverness was unmatched as he looked up to the sky and let out a long laugh. He was so proud of himself.
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