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Chapter 179 Mrs Lu Is So Sweet

  • Xia Chunyang had never thought of going to Orchid Garden to visit his so-called son-in-law.
  • Orchid Garden was located between the mountains and was not in the bustling urban area. He always felt that it was a haunted land and it would be unlucky to be there.
  • Xia Chunyang declined in an embarrassed tone by saying, “Keke, I don’t think I’ll go. There’s nothing much to see about him. Besides, he’s already so sick. He might not even be around anymore after two days. I don’t want to go.”
  • This was what Xia Keke wanted. She must expose the ghost husband in Orchid Garden, so that the rumors and scandals on social media could be intensified, pushing Xia Micheng to the forefront of defamation.
  • “Father, I have no idea how Micheng knows Chairman Lu, or how she managed to seduce him. However, for someone with a status like Chairman Lu, do you really think that he’ll marry Cheng even if she’s divorced?”
  • “Of course not. Just look at the background of Xia Micheng. Chairman Lu will never be interested in her. He’s just playing with her now because he found her special. Keke, Chairman Lu will definitely marry you in the end,” Xia Chunyang exclaimed impassionedly, expressing his loyalty.
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