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Chapter 1534 Old Master Gu Is Here

  • Gu Xian was astounded, but soon, he seemed to be rising in anger. “That’s right! I slapped Ye Yuan across her face. What will you do about it? Are you planning to avenge her by hitting me?”
  • Ha!” Gu Longfan cackled mirthlessly. Then, he leaned sideways while approaching Gu Xian step-by-step. He took his hand out of his pants pocket while smiling elegantly. “Dad, I am your son, and that is the reason I did not dodge it when you tossed the ashtray at me. However, trust me when I say that it will be the last time. After sending you abroad, you'd better not come back again. Besides, I am Ye Yuan’s man. Protecting her is my responsibility, and so I have to settle the score with you because you hit my woman.”
  • With that, Gu Longfan held Gu Xian by his collar before punching him viciously in the face.
  • After five minutes.
  • The main doors of the villa opened, and a familiar figure appeared. Madam Gu, Wen Lan, came rushing in.
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