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Chapter 909 Taking a Shower

  • Li Yuntong thought, He agrees to that? He agrees for me to be his woman? This is great!
  • Lu Yuzhen then gestured to the room beside them with his eyes. “Go in.”
  • Li Yuntong had completely succumbed to the temptation in his strong gaze and she immediately walked into the room—shyly and expectantly.
  • In the room, the maids took two sets of pajamas. “Young Mistress, your pajamas are here.”
  • Li Yuntong raised her eyes to look at Lu Yuzhen, who was on the balcony. He removed his suit to reveal a tailor-made black shirt underneath. With one hand in his pocket and the other holding a cigarette as he exhaled rings of smoke, his straight figure almost mingled with the cold dew outside.
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