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Chapter 1160 Two Bosses

  • As soon as Lu Zhengzhe heard the words ‘big brother’, he finally knew why this grandson of his came to visit him. “Tiao, are you looking for your big brother, Chikai?”
  • “That’s correct. Initially, I could have looked for him myself, but the two idiots—my big brother and daddy—aren’t sure about my background and who my biological father is, so they still treat me as their enemy. This is between my daddy and mommy, so it’s not appropriate for me to tell my daddy that I’m his son in front of him, but even if he needs to know, it has to be Mommy who tells him personally. Nobody can replace this,” Tiao spoke seriously. Lu Zhengzhe let out a hum, urging Tiao to continue. “But I can’t head over to Daddy’s place, so I need to cooperate with my big brother. We need to work together to protect Mommy. The battle to protect Mommy has already begun!”
  • Lu Zhengzhe nodded to show his support. “What do you need me to do now?”
  • “Bring my big brother here so that we can have a formal negotiation.”
  • Lu Zhengzhe found it amusing. Lu Chikai happens to be looking for Tiao too. It’s a good idea for these two brothers to meet and negotiate. He then looked toward the general secretary beside him. “Prepare the VIP meeting room.”
  • The general secretary was shocked. Now, he had the illusion that two big bosses were about to negotiate on something. “Alright, boss!” He quickly went out and did as instructed.
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