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Chapter 784 The Mysterious X Appears

  • The point was that her grandfather and Mengxiao were biased toward Ye Youxuan. They helped Ye Youxuan and she managed to marry Lu Xinang. They helped Li Yuntong as well, but with the way of asking her to slit her wrist instead. Furthermore, Xia Micheng had disappeared as well.
  • Li Yuntong was overwhelmed with resentment. “Mommy, why grandfather and Mengxiao didn’t come and visit me at the hospital?”
  • “The Lu Family agreed with the marriage. Since the marriage is just round the corner, your grandfather is busy with the wedding arrangement now. He wants to marry Youxuan off merrily with dignity—”
  • Before Ye Zi finished talking, Li Yuntong straight away hurled a pillow onto the floor. I knew it. The two nurses were right. Grandfather and Mengxiao favors Ye Youxuan over me!
  • “Yuntong, what’s the matter with you?”
  • “Mommy, don’t tell grandfather about it if he’ll be angry! Mommy, don’t you think grandfather and Mengxiao are very biased toward Ye Youxuan? All of them don’t care about me anymore!” Li Yuntong bit her red lips as her eyes became reddened with tears.
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