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Chapter 980 Lu Yuzhen Is Royalty

  • Lu Yuzhen was fully dressed in black, which complimented his imposing stature tonight. He emerged from the darkness of the night with some snow left on his firm shoulder, which radiated a deep and mysterious sense. His deep narrow eyes now fell on Shangguan Zhou’s face as he glanced at Shangguan Zhou.
  • Shangguan Zhou's heart shivered. Such sharp eyes, and such an imposing presence. I could never expect such a soul-shaking aura from a peasant. “Lu Yuzhen, I am the king of the Huaxi Province. Do you not think you are being too arrogant? You are actually asking me to lead the way for all of you. Let me tell you that—”
  • Before he finished his words, Shang Wu’s black figure flashed before him. Then, he grabbed hold of Shangguan Zhou. “King Shangguan, I am sorry.”
  • Right after that, Shang Wu threw Shangguan Zhou into the formation. Then, Lu Yuzhen stretched his legs and walked in stoically. Li Zhanming and Lu Zhengzhe exchanged a glance with each other before they followed Lu Yuzhen inside. Everyone went into the formation in the end.
  • Shangguan Zhou was in shock from being thrown into the formation as he didn’t possess the Blood of the Newborn at all, which meant that his death would be sealed by entering here. “I want to go out! I want to go out!” He turned around and ran.
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