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Chapter 1056 Save Me, Mister!

  • Lu Yuzhen pouted as he asked, “Lu Chikai, what else do you know?”
  • Lu Yuzhen felt like he gave birth to a big boss.
  • Lu Chikai shook his head and said, “That’s about it. You and grandpa erased everything related to Mommy’s past, right? Do you have something to tell me now, daddy? For example, you and Mommy’s love story?”
  • “…” Lu Yuzhen felt more and more like he was being probed to speak. “Lu Chikai, aren’t you very good at this? Go find out yourself,” he snorted.
  • Lu Chikai sat on the infant car seat in a prim and proper manner, his legs elegantly crossed at the ankles. “Sure, I completely understand, Daddy. After all, being dumped by Mommy isn’t something to be proud of. Don’t worry, Daddy. I won’t make a fool out of you even if I find out about your past stories.”
  • “…” Lu Yuzhen nearly had a mental breakdown.
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